For Your Benefit: The challenge of retirement for couples

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August 17, 2015

This week on For Your Benefit, join host, Bob Leins and Michael Creedon, DSW, as they discuss the challenge of retirement for couples.  Michael has been involved with federal employees on retirement issues since 1979.  He regularly addresses retirement transition and the personal and family challenges that come with aging and retirement.

Some couples really enjoy the tremendous increase in time spent together.  Others find it an ordeal.  Research indicates that the average American couple spends seven minutes a day in direct communication.  Retirement therefore requires that couple recognize that a major change is occurring in the way they relate to each other. 

Today’s discussion will identify some of the issues that will come up and how to work through them, to include:

  • The need for space from each other and family.  One might want a lot, and the other may prefer less.  Can you agree to a balance that will suit both of you?
  • Division of household tasks and completing tasks that you may have hired someone to perform in the past
  • Money and finances in retirement
  • Relationships with adult children/grandchildren and maybe even parents
  • When and where to retire

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