For Your Benefit: Strategies during market volatility

August 31 and September 7, 2015

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 On this Labor Day holiday, we are re-broadcasting last week’s program.  Join our host, Bob Leins, co-host John Elliott and guest John Jilek, certified financial planner, as they have a roundtable discussion about the market and discuss strategies during times of turbulence.  “Hold the course” is difficult for some people.  What will calm their concerns?  How does one’s career status (beginning, mid, pre-retirement) during extreme volatility affect one’s reaction?     

Discussion points  include:

  • What is market correction?
  • What do you do if you’re within five years of retirement?
  • The benefits versus the drawbacks of the L Fund in turbulent times
  • If the market drops x%, How long will it take to recover given various earning rates of returns?
  • Can someone who has been hurt by market volatility segment their investments so that if distributions are necessary and or required, that the distribution does not come from decreased values of stocks?

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