What treasures await in this year’s Open Season?


Walt_Francis.jpgCAUSEY_FINAL.jpgRoughly 94 percent of you will sleepwalk through FEHB Open Season – only to stay with your current plan. A plan which may be a more expensive option. 

For two hours-worth of work, could you find a plan that saves you $2,000 each year?  It’s not too late to turn this ship around and be the 6 percent. 

You can start by viewing the online version of the Consumers’ Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees written by Walton Francis.

Or you can view the archive of Federal News Radio’s online chat with Walton Francis and hear his valuable insights to this year’s Open Season plans.  

He provided guidance on questions like:

  • Should I get Medicare Part B?
  • Or take advantage of a health maintenance organization?
  • What’s the difference between a self-only plan, a self-plus-one plan and a family plan?
  • Are there plans where the self-plus-one premium is the same or HIGHER than a family plan?
  • What’s a health savings account?

FEHB Open Season ends December 11.

Walton Francis is an expert in health insurance who has advised dozens of Secretaries of Health and Human Services on policy choices. He’s written the best-seller “CHECKBOOK’s Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees” and his most recent book: “Putting Medicare Consumers in Charge: Lessons from the FEHBP”

Federal News Radio online chats are text only. There is no audio component. If you experience trouble with this online chat, email broadcast operations manager Lauren Larson for assistance. 

Live Blog Open Season Chat with Mike Causey and Walton Francis 11/29/17

All online chats are archived and can be found here.

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