When SHOULD I retire? Ideas for assessing when the time is right to retire

May 16, 2016

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This week on For Your Benefit, our host, Bob Leins welcomes Mike Townshend, transition specialist, to the studio to talk about finding the right time to retire.

In discussing retirement preparations, we spend significant time describing, planning and educating about the financial, legal and income tax issues facing Federal employees. Many planning classes also include avery important consideration as to WHEN to retire.  The “when” focus will consider among other things:

  • Is financial planning focused primarily on investing?
  • Considering your risk tolerance and growth, what should investors anticipate regarding safety in the short, medium and long term?
  • Considering the opportunity for a less cautious investment philosophy utilizing dollar cost averaging, why might you consider this?  What does it mean?
  • Can you apply these mid-career and during the pre-retirement phase of a career?
  • What are some tips for preparing in advance of a meeting with your financial planner?  What should you understand and what should you bring?

For questions or comments, email us in advance at ForYourBenefit@nitpinc.com or call 202-465-3080 this coming Monday.  Program begins at 10:05 ET and questions are accepted between 10:20 AM and 10:55 AM.

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