CDM in Government 2018 "Progress & Best Practices"


FEF CDM Panel Picture 2018
Originally aired on June 5th

This program will discuss:

  • Progress on the CDM program
  • Profiles of success stories
  • Lessons learned
  • Challenges or major hurdles to still overcome
  • Top priorities for the coming year
  • Vision for the future

Government & industry panelists

  • Kevin Cox, CDM Program Manager, NPPD, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
  • Rod Turk, Acting Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Commerce 
  • Todd Mackert, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Justice 
  • Neil Graves, Chief Cybersecurity Scientist, Dept of State 
  • Jeff Kidwell, Area Vice President, SailPoint
  • Chris Townsend, Vice President Sales & Operations, Symantec Federal
  • Phil Quade, Chief Information Security Officer, Fortinet

Topics: Technology, Sponsored Content

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